Semana Santa in Seville

We’re in the middle of the weird week in Seville. If you’re at all interested in how they celebrate Holy Week here, you can find hundreds of places on the Web that describe it very well from all sorts of points of view.

Holy Week always affects me emotionally, or at least has done so since I moved to Seville. There’s something adolescent about being so affected, but I don’t find this a bad thing, even though I do suffer a bit from something like butterflies in my stomach. (Hey, being adolescent is what this is all about, right?)

I can’t write much at the moment, but I do want to mention that I had my weekly weighing. I gained some back from last week but am still on schedule to get back to my (approximate) 17-year-old weight by October. Today I was 90.7 kg = 200.0 lbs.


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