Some ground rules

Going back to 17 doesn’t mean total freedom. I choose to follow some basic rules:

  • I will treat my body as if it were 58.
  • I will continue to fulfill the responsibilities of a 58-year-old husband and grandfather.
  • I will not use my new age as an excuse for saying or doing anything bad.
  • I will not be surprised or embittered when bad things from the real world invade this fantasy.

Haven’t decided yet whether I will get a year older every year or just stay 17 permanently. What do you think?


Let’s go back!

Back to seventeen — why not? I am 58 years old and can hope that, with a little bit of luck, I might live for another thirty years. Why not live those three decades as if I were 41 years younger? Okay, my body — and presumably my mind — will certainly deteriorate, but my ATTITUDE doesn’t have to.

DISCLAIMER: Okay, this idea isn’t new. Turning back the clock is a very old fantasy. I just Googled “back to seventeen” and found, among 69,299,998 other results, a movie (which I haven’t seen) called 17 Again and a book (which I haven’t read) called When I Was Seventeen: If I Could Go Back. Actually, I was quite surprised to find that the domains and were available. ( is taken, but it’s just parked somewhere.)

So originality isn’t the purpose of this blog. In fact, I’m not entirely sure what its purpose is. (Does it have to have a purpose?)

In many ways, being 58 is a lot better than being 17. But — let’s be honest — in some ways it’s worse.

Advantages of being 58:

  • You’re wiser.
  • You understand the world better.
  • You’re more independent financially.

Advantages of being 17:

  • You’re going to live longer.
  • Life is full of new experiences.
  • Nobody depends on you.

Advantages of pretending to be 17 when you’re really 58:

  • All of the above except living longer (assuming your kids no longer depend on you).

So let’s get cracking! In October of 2014 I turned 17, okay? Time to try my first beer….